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Association plan, private label?

David C

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Yesterday a client asked me to look into putting something together for an organization that he's a member of.

Initially plan would include 100 members in Georgia, then probably offered to nationwide membership.

They want health insurance, life insurance, and other financial services. This would not be group coverage.

Do any of you have any suggestions on what carriers to contact?
Do you know of a carrier that would design a private label offering?
Is it possible to get association discounts for this group?
I don't know any carrier willing to do a private label for 100 members. There is a lot of expense & time involved . . . too much to commit for something that may only capture 10 or fewer policy holders.

You will be better off just getting an endorsement as the agent of record for the association.
100 members:

40 on their spouses plan
20 you won't ever be able to contact
10 uninsurable
25 with no coverage and couldn't care less
5 deals....maybe.
Sorry I wasn't clear.

The national membership is appx. 3500. I thought that might be enough for a private label. Due to the nature of this group I think the participation would be better that John suggests, but maybe not worth the time and hassle. The endorsement may be a good fit for this group.
Even 3500 nationally not enough for a private label. Carriers still have to file the product in each state, come up with new marketing material, new rates, new plan designs.

About the only way to get a private label product is to have a national marketing agency with literally thousands of agents, or several associations already as clients.

A single agent with one association as a maybe isn't going to get anyones attention