Assurant Outpatient Max versus OutPatient Max


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I am going to start writing with Assurant. On their Right Start PPO they offer an OOP max, but then state there is an outpatient max. What does the client do when they need chemo or MRI. Could I get some feedbacK?
With so many other GOOD plans to offer, why would you ever consider selling the Right Start?
Don't sell it. You can hit the same rates with the CoreMed without the doctor copay and you don't have to worry about maximums. Also, the Right Start also has limitations on ambulance and therapy in conjunction with prescriptions, out-patient max and a low annual max.

One of my clients had out-patient shoulder surgery - total bill was $18,000. Just imagine if he was capped at $2,500, $5,000 or even $10,000.