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I would like to thank David for all the excellent work he has done to give the forum some new and updated features. Now, we can attach files to our posts. Aside from making it easier to upload images, we can upload census forms or other interesting and helpful files. I have not yet figured it out, but there is also a spell check now. He does excellent work and is very prompt and cheap. If anyone needs any I.T. work, give him a holler. http://www.davidiq.com/
I had missed installing the SpellCheck. It's now on here. You'll notice it just above the posting text box when creating a message. Very easy to use and pretty straight forward. :)
Darn David---I could have used you the last few years when I was living in Safety Harbor. I'm back in Panama City Beach but I like your website and what you have to offer and I might be contacting you for some future projects.
Yeah, I was wondering when someone would notice and go postal because I brought back a 6-year old thread.

I did it earlier in another thread and no one even noticed. :D

I noticed and thought XXX was going to get you.:twitchy:

Hey, did you get the Forum post count dividend check yet? A lot nicer than last year's.