Attn: Ohio Resident Writing Agents - Please read.


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I have some ideas of how to quickly make fast good cash and help a lot of people in need in a very professional, ethical manner. I am not trying to recruit. I repeat: I AM NOT A RECRUITER NOR DO I EVER WANT TO BE!

I would like to share my new found knowledge and if you are a resident of Ohio, I would like to hear from you. You can help me with your knowledge of 'areas' and I in turn will share my knowledge of helping many many people and also helping yourself. This is no joke nor no free lunch. Again, in exchange for your input, I will exchange mine.

Please pm me with your phone number or let me know if you prefer to call me.

Thank you. Honest Agent
Incidentally, Ohio is the only state in the country that does NOT charge for a non-resident license. They are free, or at least they were a few years ago.