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Actually I was interested. My blog happens to be about insurance, and I'm interested in insurance. I read in the yahoo answers that an agent said they didn't know a single company that offered Auto and Health, but I wanted to double check here. Thanks for reply, and it's interesting to know that Nationwide does offer such. It would seem so common to me, but not, since they afterall, are very 2 popular types of insurance, especially for people that are not homeowners.
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State Farm offers health insurance as well as life insurance. Nationwide also offers life insurance (they purchased Provident Mutual Life Insurance Company several years ago).
While they offer such products, State Farm has a partnership with Assurant Health.
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That's correct, rain07. I didn't think you were restricting your question to those auto insurers that underwrite their own health insurance program. Even life insurers use other insurers for health insurance, e.g., NYL use Golden Rule for its agents. The point is State Farm does advertise life, annuities, health, disability, LTC, and med supp in addition to auto. I do not know who underwrites this stuff for State Farm.
It means normally someone would pose the question

"Is there any insurance company that offers Auto and Health?", not why isn't there. My belief at the time was that the sole purpose of asking the question was to have the link on the forum to the blog, so google would improve the ratings to her blog. On boards I moderate, I delete these all the time.

In fairness, it is at least an insurance related question, not worthy of deletion, but I also doubt anyone on this board is qualified to answer it. It is a question you would call the insurance companies about, not ask a bunch of know it all agents :)