Been looking for another Captive health REMOTE position? What's going on?


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New here. OK, I wont beat around the bush. Super late starter in the world of Insurance. Got my 2-15 Florida, Life & Health in 2017 and got employed with a call center (call ctr. which was later purchased & now is a subsidiary of Integrity LLC) learned about Medicare (Medi-Gap & Medicare plans) for 6 years. I really enjoyed learning and I was good with people. Sales were fine, but were only part of the equation, if the situation called for it, as we normally spoke to members. After Covid, we worked remotely, which I enjoyed, but after a year later, I noticed that my employer initiated training all of our current captive agents (we were overflow essentially) in addition to provide the ability to sell the "members" products & do the enrollment process, now we were being asked to be trained to provide "member maintenance", (they used another name) which pretty much was to provide all aspects of what the Member Service Dept. did, except handle claims, reauthorizations calls, & grievances. If the caller needed, a reinstatement of a policy, we now did it & went thru the work baskets? If they needed to know the balance of their MA plan, supplemental benefit grocery card, we looked it up? You get the picture. I decided to quit late last year right before AEP (what was I thinking?) and now, I am pondering what I should do? Are all call centers captive agents, going thru the same transition for $ 20 buck an hour? Yes, I am not ashamed to state this. I had a previous life in another profession, which I can no longer do, so this was fine for our family. I don't wish to commit more than the 40 hours? I don't have a "book" of business? I am married, have a family (one teen). I am fortunate that spouse makes considerably more than I, but I must continue to work? We have a home, mortgage is almost paid off. I guess what I am trying to say is that, I probably have no other recourse to stay as an agent, unless it is as a independent agent which is 100% on me & will consume more of my time to grow, I know that. I am almost 60 & in great health? Sick of these job posters on Indeed that state, you make "X" amount of $$$ starting this month? I am currently an active participant in employment? If anyone has constructing advice, I'd appreciate it? Please be frank and respectful. Thank you!

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