Benefit Mall


What do you guys think of benefit mall? I've been selling life and medicare advantage plans here in Texas but I want to start selling group health insurance. I already have a large company prospect that I could probably close if I can give them a competitive offer.

Since I'm new in the group health field, I want to make sure that I'll be signing with a good company and not regret it later on.

I've been trying to research about them but I have not been able to find a lot of information about what other agents think about them. Please let me know what you think.
BM is OK for small group. Would not see a benefit to using them for large group. Their resources are limited and their reps know next to nothing about large cases.
It really depends on that office that you are using. I think they have 3 or 4 offices in Texas, and a couple of them are well staffed. In general, you will get better attention for a large group then for a small group.

If you have a "hot lead" that you can close, for familial or other reasons, then I highly suggest that you partner with someone experienced, because those cases can be very intricate and tricky. If you do so, try to build in some kind of phase just a first year split, or something of that nature.