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best non captive IMO's that work with IUL and Annuities

A question that I think you need to get an answer to is, do you want access to exclusive products from:

1) Annexus
2) LegacyNet
3) MarketSynergy
4) Corebridge QoL

If you do not, there are a lot of good IMOs. If you do, there are a lot of good IMOs with access to most or all of those platforms.

My experience is that your annuity wholesaler or your life wholesaler can make or break your results.

P.S. To the "non-captive" term, there was a time when Allianz owned a bunch of IMOs. Those days are largely gone. Even LifePro is now Simplicity. On the other hand, if you think an Integrity or a Simplicity IMO are "captive" IMOs, I will respectfully disagree that they are captive. They are just owned by a holding company.