Bipolar disorder

I don't know of any major medical plan that will take them. Folks like UA may be your best shot.
I asked this same question on the "old" forum under my old screen name "joseph".

Some questions to ask:

Currently or previously insured?

HIPPA eligible?

I'm not sure what state you work from but here in California if they're HIPPA eligible then they have a good shot with Aetna.

My client did get enrolled with Aetna largely due to her being HIPPA eligible and she was coming off a group plan. She made it through underwriting and did not have any exclusions or anything.

Worth a shot. Don't know if this info will help you out but it's my 2 cents.

Good luck!
This individual is in TN, not CA. Laws are different from state to state.

Unless Aetna's underwriting rules are different in TN (or CA) from GA, your BP will not be a risk Aetna is willing to take.
Aetna doesn't write individual in TN.

The reason I asked about this topic is because the "client" is me, and I have been uninsured since November 2005, when I left Liberty National's group coverage. I checked UA's FlexGuard brochure, and it may be an option according to the underwriting guidelines. For $120/month, it'll cover up to $100K per sickness at 80/20 coinsurance, with $500 deductible.

My other option is to incorporate my agency, bring on a secretary, and do a two-man group policy (no one-mans in TN). I think this may be the best option.
Read the UA policy very carefully. It is only slightly better than the Mega plans. The $100k limit is deceiving because you still have limits on surgery and virtually no outpt coverage.

If you go that route, see if the GTL Preferred Catastrophic is available in TN. Minimum $25k deductible then 100% to $1M.

Their und guide indicates bipolar is OK as long as no hospitalizations and only 1 med.

If 2+ meds, or a history of hospitalization, not eligible.