BNI (Business Network Int'l)

I have been a member of BNI since the beginning of the year. So far I have received several referrals, 1 of which resulted in business. Just about every advisor in our office is a member. The chapter I belong to is pretty small, so I haven't done as well as some in our office, but I have made my first year dues back already.
Anyone belong...has it helped with networking/referrals?

I belong, as a Property & Casualty guy. It is the best source for quality business for me. It's not the highest quantity of business, but I get excellent referrals.

I think health is a little tougher, but you don't need many referrals to make your investment worthwhile. It is important to pick the right group. Also, if I was going to do health insurance in a BNI group, I would focus (at least within the group) on small group insurance.

The value of BNI (as with most referral / network organizations) is what you put into it. If you plan on going to the meeting everyweek, and walking away with business on a regular basis, it won't work so well. If you take the weekly meeting and then meet individually with the members of the group (so you get to know who they know), then you will be very successful.

They differ chapter by chapter - some are great, some are horrible. You need to find one that you're comfy with. They are also "for profit", so it is all about the $$. I think they are too rigid, but have known others who have done very well with them. It's all a matter of personal style.
As a health insurance agent, all I got were their friends who had:

Just suffered a stroke
Was a hairdresser, who just had a hand injury

They also referred clients to me, who:

Wanted a discount card
Wanted to pay less than $100 a month
Already had an agent, but was just checking around


Wanted to invest in a VUL (I am not variable licensed)

BNI (Biggest Non Income) for health and life agents. Better to start your own leads club, with other professionals.

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