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Does anyone knows Brooke Agency Franchise? I have my own mind and is not easily influence, but wanted to hear some insights, both good and bad. I am thinking about buying a book of p & c business via Brooke Agency Franchise. I know they do charge an astronomical finders fee and they are asking for 15% commission split for all renewals and new business. But, it is about synergy and sharing that piece of pie. Also, in order for me to quit my job, I need to have a book to support /replace my current salary. It appears this is the most efficient way to start my own p & c agency if I can find an agency/book with good loss ratio...

Would greatly appreciate any wisdom...

Thanks much, Larry
You could look into the following website for options other than buying a Brooke franchise...

From what I know though, Brooke is a pretty good company to work with.
Uh, agencies4sale is Brooke. I haven't heard anything good about them yet. Apparently, its expensive getting started with them, then its even more expensive terminating the relationship.
Uh, If that website is only Brooke, then why do they have Allstate branches for sale as well??? I've also seen independent agencies for sale as well on there.....
They're brokering the deal and providing financing.

" was started as a web site for insurance agency buyers and sellers. In February 2003, Brooke Corporation acquired and currently operates the site as a public forum for local entrepreneurs to buy and sell insurance agencies.
Today, assists with agency buyers, agency sellers, business brokers, etc. In addition to listing agencies for sale, our parent company has the ability to offer financing, consulting services, and valuation services designed to maximize an insurance agency's value. We are one of the Nation's leading sites for insurance agency buyers and sellers. "
Great, and do they have OTHER options on there other than Brooke?? That was all I meant....... It's a place to view OTHER options of agencies for sale OTHER than Brooke.

I didn't say that they don't have Brooke franchises for sale, did I?
agencies4sale is brooke, typically if you buy and agency through agencies for sale i am pretty sure the agency becomes franchised through the brooke system.
Go to yahoo, then finance, get a quote for bxxx, then click on message board. It should tell you all you want to know about how Brooke agents and others feel about them
I don't know if it's just here in Tampa, or all over, but one thing I've noticed is that all these Brooke agencies look like bucketshops, and most of them are in godawful looking places in marginal neighborhoods.

Gives me the impression that they're bottom feeders...

Just my .02 worth.