Business Setup as Independent Agent through an FMO

Well that is terrifying. So all of these self-made millionaire insurance agents out there are one successful lawsuit away from bankruptcy?
Personally, I have 3 million of E&O coverage and I also know how to do my job so I'm not too concerned about that.

Anyone can be sued though so having the coverage is a nice backstop.

EDIT: and most of those "self-made millionaire insurance agents" are full of shit.
I am 2-15 licensed in Florida looking to start life selling in Florida as a solo independent agent. Goal is to start in Life and move to Medicare after I have some time to dig in and learn the products.
Dont take this the wrong way - but the best way to protect yourself is to work for someone else for a bit of time and learn best practices. All the E&O in the world will not help you as much as this.

Best of Luck!
Establish great relationships and be a sponge, is the best suggestion I can make for new independent agents. Find and Participate in every learning experience or product knowledge webinar you can. Try not to be married to one specific product (IE IUL vs Whole Life). Everything has a place and might serve a client you're working with.

A useful resource for independent agents is an MGA relationship. Full Disclosure- I work for Back 9 insurance, however there are others. Our platform can be accessed here:
Just FYI but you're going to get banned pimping your firm on every post.

Back 9 is legit but you need to add value beyond recruiting if you want to hang around here.
I don't bother with anyone who thinks they can just 'spam' this forum to get business. Not knowing and abiding by proper forum etiquette, your posts will HINDER your efforts, not help you.

If I was interested in a relationship with Back9, I'd go over your head straight to Reid anyway.