Cal-COBRA Extension Question (AB 1401) - Aetna


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Good day everyone,

I have a question I am hoping someone here might know the answer to.

CA has an extension of continuation to 36 months under AB 1401 (2003) which provides for continuation with a switch from federal COBRA to Cal-COBRA after 18 months for an additional 18 months coverage. Obviously groups 2-19 fall under full Cal-COBRA and get a straight 36 months.

I have talked to the majors here, both Blues and HNet and they say that all of their existing group plans fall under that law. However, with people coming off of Aetna PPO plans, Aetna often states that their PPO plans are exempt from the AB 1401 extension and only their HMO plans fall under it.

Does anyone know why Aetna PPO plans are exempt from the Cal-COBRA extension while all domistic carriers PPO plans are NOT exempt?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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