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Can I get a Quote?


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In Indiana in a 467 zipcode........

Male 28 smoker no health conditions no meds
Female 24 smoker cervical cancer removed(outpatient surgery)
6 years ago. No meds.

2 children 10 weeks(boy) and 3yrs(girl) . no meds or health problems.
Last month, I just wrote a person in Richmond with cancer. 61 F. I went through the Indiana Open Enrollment through the DOI website. The rate wasn't too bad and there ws NO pre-ex clause (since she was coming off Cobra).
OH, sorry Oxford. I see where that post came from. The whole cancer thing. Well she doesn't have cancer. I believe they called it pre cancer. non existant for 6 yrs or more.
I remember writing a women that had Cervical Cancer more than 2 yrs prior with UA when I worked for them 5 yrs ago. On one of there great indemnity plans or whatever you call them.
Check Time insurance.

Had a similar situation a few months back. Can't recall exactly how long it had been since she had cancer & the hysterectomy. She kept changing her story right up to the point when she returned the app to me.

At first is was an irregular pap, then pre-cancerous cells were removed. Then it was cancer in situ.

For Time at least, and possibly a few others if it is cancer in situ and there is a sufficient time span you may be able to get an offer. You really need more details.

GR mentions cervical cancer in their underwriting guide. They indicate if the hysterectomy was more than 2 yrs ago they would consider without a rider.
Senior...Yes, I mentioned the DOI because of the cancer. GR's rates are as follows: (Monthly rates including $3 FACT fee)

Copay Select $2500 Ded. $239

Copay Select $1500 Ded. $283

HSA $5650 Ded. $173

Classes were Pref smoker and Standard1 smoker

Time/Assurant's rates:

Max Plan $2500 Ded. $321

Max Plan $1500 Ded. $382

HSA $5700 Ded. $221

As with Ohio, Time/Assurant not even in the ballpark in many areas.

Of course, these rates do not take into account possible riders. Indiana, as you know, is a funny state for that stuff.