Can i get the loan from my policy


Mora wacker

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I am having a land.Now i want to built a house on it.Can i get the loan through my insurance policy.If it is possible,give me the better suggestions.
And also i had one more query,Is there any health policy for heart patients.
If so,what are they.And also tell me which is the best policy for them.

Sure just give your agent a call and tell them to send you a check for the house, no problem! Oh by the way, your buddy Aethelwine is here maybe the two of you all can take care of all the problems, I'm sure your agent would appreciate having all of you together, I'm sure it'll save a lot of time for him! Who knows, save him enough time he might throw in an extra 50 grand or so for your new home.
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Good question. Mora Wacker is the grandson of Fred Wacker, who created the fictional character "Gumby." Fred made millions of dollars in royalties, but donated most of his money to charity.

Mora has been on a tirade ever since he found out he was left out of the will.