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Can I take the same CE course again and still get credit?


I let me license lapse and would like to renew it, which I have a few months left to do. About two years ago I took a Medicare course that gave me 12 hours. I’m wondering if I can take this course again and still get credit? I have forgotten a lot learned last time, so want to take it again.
Great question. This could be a state specific question. Each regulator can be different with these things. That all being said as DHK said as long as its in a different "renewal" or license period, I have taken the same course within several months of each other for credit in two different license periods.
The only time you can't is if it's the same course number in the same renewal period.

But if you took a CE course in a prior renewal period, you should be able to repeat it for a new period and get credit for it.
In Illinois you can't take the same course 2 times in a row. The CE company I use keeps track for you.
Just finished my online 3 hour ethics class for CE. I learned a few things during the class.

It's the law that you have to take a bath at least once a year in Kentucky. Did you know that JD?

I also learned that in Illinois, it's against the law to urinate in your neighbor's mouth.

There's some crazy laws out there. :twitchy:
I want to say been there done that. It may depend on the state you are in. I know from experience the NFIP CE courses they offer free and online, you will not get credit for in the same term. Ha ha, I remember trying to be slick as a new young insurance agent.