Cancer Products?


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Do any of you know of some good cancer products? UA has some sort of cash payout product, I can't remember the name, something like Cancer Cash, I think. I haven't ever sold any health products, really, just life, but I want to get into the health market, because as I understand it, it is somewhat easier to sell, and underwriting times are much more compressed. I have talked to Third Party Marketers here in NC, they tried to sell me on Assurant and John Alden. Any thoughts on those carriers? Also, UA offers a prescription drug benefit plan called UA Partners, is it worth trying to sell?

Thanks, Dave.
You might look at the Mutual of Omaha plan. I didn't much care for it... but it might be all your client wants/needs.

I sell the Colonial plan which I think is excellent value, but that is 99% to groups. I CAN sell to individuals but Colonial basically dissuades their agents from doing so as it is too much work for the money.

You might look at Aflac. They are starting to court the non-group, individual customer and I think they have a cancer plan. Colonial, much to my objection is 'married' to payroll deduction and group.... and not doing any consumer-based mareting at all. Aflac kills us out in the Western region. Fortunately Aflac burns through agents like wildfire which upsets clients and Colonial has a good chance of picking those up. But other than that, it's an uphill battle against Aflac... they have great marketing.

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When people have cancer and other major pre-existing conditions I make sure they are absolutely covered without holes.

I do this by looking at his occupation and any domestic or spouse arrangement. You can do some interesting things to get groups together; each state is different and each carrier is different.

If they have no ability to get an entity of any kind going then I look towards HIPAA eligibility or MRMIP (CA high risk - fantastic coverage - govt. admin though)

I don't let people buy products that don't cover their pre-existing condition (I'm in CA so I'm used to it).

I don't know how the carriers behave in your state or what regulatory loopholes there may be.

Find a Guru in your state because you will need this question answered now rather than later - many people will thank you later.
Life of Alabama has good cancer plans. Ask for Dean Gregory.
The main reason why I left Aflac was due to Assurant's VoluntaryMart. The only area IMO that Aflac was better was due to the Accident and Hospital Indemnity (3rd level only I believe) have a wellness benefit built in. Aflac has a 40-60% markup on individual policies and you cannot sell disability to an individual.
Continental Life of Brentwood Tennessee has several different individual cancer plans. I don't know if they're any good I just remember seeing the brochures.