Captive Carriers first right of refusal


I am new agent with Farmers, for the P & C side of the business I am a captive agent. However, as far as Life I am non-captive, but Farmers wants the first right of refusal. How can company track whether whether I am writting policies with another company or not?
It seems like nothing theres nothing but unhappy Farmers agents there. What I took from the letter is that the requirement to them is 4 a month.
In previous months they have covered the captivity part of things. I think they mostly cover P&C issues, though. With life ins., you could pretty much go out and write anything on anybody- without them knowing.... but if they ever found out, they could raise heck.
Let's say you sold the Husband a Farmers life policy and the wife did not qualify so you went immediately with XYZ graded company, for example. The underwriter does a phone interview with the husband, asks about the wife's life insurance.... bingo. I am not saying Farmers does this, just saying it could happen. What does your contract say about failing to give Farmers first crack at it?
I'm a Farmers Agent. If you want to write outside Farmers, do it with caution, but choose a life/health product that Farmers doesn't write, or is not competitive at all with, then write that. If you're a good producer for Farmers on the P&C side, as well as writing life through them too, even if they find out your writing a bit outside of Farmers, you'll most likely get a slap on the wrist, and told not to do it.

Have you went to your DM about this? Or you figure, do now and ask forgiveness later?
Years ago when my husband was a captive agent, his boss checked with the DOI and pulled up all of the companies he was appointed with. Here in Virginia at that time your state license number was the same as your social, which of course the captive agency had on file. I don't know how strict your company is, but this agency would not allow you to be appointed with any company that they did not have a contract with. My husband refused to cancel his other company appointments, quit and became independent and never looked back.