Captive, going independent

Iroquois Pliskin

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Hello from Texas! I'm going to become an independent agent here in a few months and would like to work with life only(for now).

Hopefully you can help me. The main concern is which agency should I go with? Can I go with more than one? Here's what I'm looking at so far:

American Brokerage Company - Making the Best out of Life
Agency Services Incorporated
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BISYS Insurance -- Specializing in Impaired Risk -- BISYS Life Insurance Brokerage

Also, will they take small game like me? Or are they more interested to work with more experienced agents?

Thanks for any help
I have use Agency Services for several years and have been pleased. I write maybe $5k per year and still get 90%+ contracts.
Exactly what market are you interested in?

I realize once that I had the key to at least 3 insurance companies with a welcome mat. Conseco, Colonial, AIG Most of the offices are empty or near except for a secretary here and there. I have three different offices, none that far from my house I can set up shop in! I cold call from various offices, call the same guy once or twice and he ask me, exactly whom to you work for? Which I reply, I'm simply the agent of choice no matter what company you decide to go with!:D

Point is, figure out what market you want to go after and then decide what companies you want to play with. If you can go direct but in some cases you have to go thru a GA or Agency.