Captive or independent-good lead source


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I have had some bad experiences with some life insurances companies, mainly the "leads" are either non-existent or about the quality one would find CC from the phone book. I have 20 years of sales experience, am licensed in California, but have no experience in life insurance. It occurred to me the getting appointed with a number of carriers or going with some agency, as an independent contractor might be viable. I have a home office and could buy leads. My question is: there is so much misinformation out there it is hard to know who to deal with. Does anybody have financially successful track record dealing with a brokerage or insurance agency and buying viable leads. Thanks, Tom California
Have you looked into the life settlement or premium finance areas? You'll only need to find a few senior citizen clients per year to make well into the six figures.
No I have not. My thought was to start off with something simple ie. the term and progress (or digress) into other areas.
If you want money you need to look to see what everyone else is doing, and then find out what everyone hates doing because it is too scary or too hard.

If you choose the 1st option you may make money, but you will usually make more with the second.