CD, Annuity, & 401K Rollover list


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I was faxed an ad from Response Card Marketing. 1-888-737-7100. I called them today and they said they have a list of people whose CD's are about to mature. They can search by quarter. Also people who have had annuities and their surrender period should be over. And people who have a 401K and are retiring or close to retiring. You get the list on a CD Rom for $375 per 1000. If you would like me to fax the ad, PM or email me. [email protected]

If anyone has used them let us know the results and the quality of the list. Thanks
You know, honestly, I wonder about the "annuity" part of it....I've never heard of any database that contains annuity information. Do you think it really exists?

For example, the mailer that Cold Solutions put out was "our records indicate you have an annuity coming due" or something to that effect. They just sent it blindly and people would call in, thinking they had won the lottery or something. From there it was hard sell to get an appointment.

If someone knows otherwise about an annuity list, I'd be interested to find out.
This is how their ad reads for "Annuity Buyers"
This group has been identified with interest in one of the following.
-interest in purchasing an annuity or have purchased an annuity in the past
-interest in ways to reduce taxes associated with their investment accounts
-interest in receiving a booklet on the "Benefits of Tax Deferral"
Rollover prospects are much younger than your average fixed annuity type prospect.

The gravy for rollovers are people aged 40-60.....not 60+.
Larger companies are offering packages and intentionally targeting
people 50-60...thus the opportunity.

I would think these would be 2 separate lists.
"Rollover lists" can be obtained as easily as searching through the employment databases you know Monster etc Not an ethical way of doing business though.