CE Credits


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Can someone please explain to me how they go about picking CE classes for life and health (with the exception of any state mandated courses)? Are rating systems or reviews available for the businesses that offer CE Credits?

The reason I ask is because I have noticed that different places offer a variety of classes and each have their own price range for CE credits. For example, one such place http://dmr.webce.com/default.asp?vid=20070102153245069120047049(089).134, offers unlimited CE courses (equal to your state requirements) for $44.95. The thought you get what you pay for comes to mind. I think after picking an area that somebody wishes to learn about, the other factors might include the instructors expertise and knowledge, followed by cost, and then location, but I am curious as any other criteria that any of you base your decision.

I have used the services of a local vendor for several years. They now offer online courses in addition to the proctored, self-study courses. For now, they still offer seminars and that is my preference.

It gives me a break from the normal routine. It allows me to hear comments from experienced people about the topic at hand. I get to see (and hear) how much other agents know (or dont know).

The seminars are a bit more costly than online but I enjoy the interaction.

I also attend company sponsored seminars that deliver CE credits.

The quality of the course work will vary from state to state. The material is pre-approved by your state DOI so the content must comply with state guidelines.

Pick something you want to learn about and go for it.
In Wisconsin, all CE must be done in classrooms and through approved seminars. No online coursework can go toward CE Credit.