Celtic Sold

Just a wag, but this may allow Centene to expand their Medicaid services into other states.

I used Celtic for years in the self funded market. They had one of the few conversion plans availalble in pre-COBRA days.

Their individual products never impressed me and I have wondered why they even bother to remain in that market.
I used to write a fair amount of their contracts about five years ago. But not any more. Rates shot through the roof.

Side note: I would have thought that a company from Boston would have bought them. Not a St. Louis based group.
I was never a fan of their "district sales manager" set up where I to run basically everything, including prescreens past my "manager" who happened to be in NC and never answered his phone. The pay structure was odd; 10% on most products then a bonus structure only if you kicked out a lot of business.
My European clients would inquire about the company, clearly because of the name only. Contracted with'em for years, wrote about 5 deals. Silly commish schedules and no advances. Pretty competitive rates in SE Florida.