Certified Senior Advisor designation

I've seen a few members with Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) designation. How valuable is this designation? Is it worth the $1100 fee? Can anyone talk about how the CSA credential has increased their sales or how clients have sought them out as a designee? Any other tales about CSA, pro or con...?
Though I can not speak of the CSA because I don't have it nor do I wish to get it. I think $1100 and 2days of course study is a little easy for a designation. However I can speak of the CLU and ChFC. They took alot of hard work and time. My sales have increased because of the knowledge, the everyday joe doesn't care. Successful people notice them though. I will add that I'm not knocking the CSA, however a number companies have instructed their agents to not use the designation on any cards, letterhead, etc.
I'm impressed as hell by the CSA designation!

I don't know if it has DIRECTLY increased by business, but it certainly has increased my credibility.

I have to agree with Wayne. I have had my CLU for over 30 years. Can't say that it has generated any additional credibility with clients. Very few even notice or if they do, fail to make a comment.

If you are active in the various "clubs" and subscribe to their literature, I do believe your overall sales will improve. But that is because of what is happening to you, not because you have a few extra letters after your name.

To the public, put CPA, MD or JD after your name and you have credibility. Put CLU, ChFC, CPCU, RHU, etc. after your name and you are still just a commission driven peddler.

It is not what you have after your name that matters to the public. Rather it is how you conduct yourself that means more than anything.
You also have to remeber that the CSA is not just for adivsors and agents. If you look at their database, you can see that there are RN's real estate agents and other people that work with seniors that get it. I'm sure it makes seniors feel more at ease with you and give you. I am going to get it in Oct when they have a course in Texas.
Personally I'm getting it more for the education and less for the letters behind my name. I work mainly with agents and rarely with the seniors themselves. Is there a designation that would give me more credibility when meeting with agents?
Credibility with agents is earned the same way it is with any client. I have worked with people who have all kinds of letters after their name. Eventually it becomes ridiculous. A guy handed me a card a few months ago.


His letters were longer than his name.

I had to chuckle inside.