Changing directions...any input appreciated


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I had guy call me this week about a resume I put ob Monster about 3 yrs ago. I could used this 3 years Anyway he is from Franklin Wealth Management. They deal with LI, securities, annuities, retirement plans and other financial problems.

I set up an interview with him Fri. The only reason I am going is to see how these kinda of places work. I am happy working in the senior market right now. But if I can get my foot in the door with securities and make good money then of course I would go that route.

Has anyone ever heard of this place or is anyone currently working in this type of place? Do you think it would be better than what I am doing now? I am happy with what I do but I am not completely against leaving the senior market. I do not know if this is a captive situation or not. I assume it would be by the career opportunities link. Looks like they offer benefits to the employees there.
Looks like a one-stop shop. I'd be interested in seeing how things operate w/in these types of agencies.
I am definetly interested in what they do. I will post what I find out at the interview next friday. I don't really wanna jump back into a captive situation though
I started with a firm that did total financial planning in 1980. My experience was fantastic, mainly because the owner was someone I really respected. This was in 1980 and the office was composed of mostly under 30 age agents. We really did great work, had in house lawyers and CPA, a full blown pensio department etc. It was also fantastic being around very successful guys and learning from them. Don't expect the highest commissions until you have produced at high levels. Our firm changed hands in 6 years and the new guy I couldn' t respect, life was horrible. Ended up going out on my own and have been since. I really miss the comradre, but I have other advantages. EVERTYHING depends on management. I am curious, if you are successfulll in the senior market why do you wish to leave? Experience and success would suggest you might be right where you belong. Get alist of their agents, maybe from their website and call 6 of them and ask questions, you will be surprised at how open they might be.
Who said I was successful? I am happy with the senior marktet but I do not consider myself successful until I am earning 6 figures. I mentioned in my post that I am not lookng for a career change. But I am going to go to the interview to see what it is lke. If it is something that sounds better than what I am doing and I can make more money then I will probably go that direction. I have always been interested in investments.

If I stick with the senior market( which will probably be what I do) then I should be making 6 figures in 2008. So I definetly do not want to switch careers if it will take a while to build my income. I do not know what to look for or how financial proffessionals operate. I started with UA when I got my ins. license. I wish I could have had this forum 5 yrs ago to keep from making that mistake.

Is the prospecting the same with investments as it is selling insurance?
Are the hours daytime or evenings. Is the earning potential higher? Can I start of being independent.

One thing I am scared of is having to give up the senior market and my current book of business. That I will not do. Unless this opportunity is GREAT. I love working with seniors.
Just be carefull. This shop is a career place with American Union, not bad , not good. If the insurance company rates are close to competitive, no problem if you are really offering quality info.
Not bad, not good? So it is a company you wouldn't use? Tell me how to be careful. Seriously I have no clue what to look for. I guess I will no more after friday. If I wanted to head in this direction, is there better places, for example...Edward Jones?
PM me and we can talk on the phone, I do understand your position, I have chased rabbits before, I will share my experience, that's all, don't have a horse in this race.
Do me a favor and record the conversation so I don't have to ask the same questions and have bluemarlin repeat things twice.