Cheap Management System/Acord Form Editing-Tracking???

Hey everyone,

Hoping someone is able to see this... But, TWFG bought the cluster group I was affiliated with, (Penguin) last year in 2021, and has moved every agent over to their management software.

I've been able to get used to it for the most part, as far as tracking tasks/clients, renewals, etc. But, unfortunately, they have the absolute worst system for using acords and putting together applications.

It's literally unusable and I need to come up with a management software on the side just to use/edit clients acord forms, (somehow in a cloud system)

Anyone have any recommendations for acord's or a cheap management system that will allow for client profiles and acords to be edited?
We just saw a demo of this and may go with it for the prefilled acords, creating certificates and texting features for documents. We just have so much paperwork and needed something.

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