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I am meeting with someone tomorrow to replace their Christian Medishare with a HSA. However, my RM says "good luck" that most of those folks are "brainwashed" to believe that the Medishare is the best thing to come along since sliced bread.

I'm somewhat familiar with the Medishare plans but i'd be interested to hear any strategies from any guys/gals who have come across these plans.

Take some time to view the site above. Several years ago I wrote the stop loss on two groups that are similar in nature.

The good things.

The price is usually more affordable than health insurance, even when you factor in your "sharing" contribution. MediShare has a good history and seems to be well run, especially compared to other plans that have had problems or gone away.

The bad.

It is not insurance.

Your bills may not be paid in full.

It is not insurance.

Some conditions, particularly those related to STD, mental illness or substance abuse may not be covered. If a woman is pregnant & her life is in danger the plan will not pay to terminate the pregnancy.

It is not insurance.

If you need an expensive procedure, your provider may not accept MediShare but will require you to pay up front or make a secured pledge (home equity) before performing the procedure.

If MediShare goes away there are no reserves, no guaranty fund to cover your claims.

It is not insurance.

MediShare is not regulated by the DOI. If there are issues you appeal to the AG in your state (and their home state) to get your claim paid or a refund.

It is not insurance.

The plan has a "sharing" limit of $1M which may not be sufficient to pay your bills.

It is not insurance.

If you lose your MediShare coverage you may not be eligible for insurance if your health has changed.

It is not insurance.

MediShare is not considered creditable coverage for HIPAA purposes.

It is not insurance.

Did I mention this is not insurance?
Well written and good points, Somarco. One question: Is it Insurance? :shock:
I knew a guy in the insurance industry that was actually looking at dropping his BCBS for this, but I don't know if he ever did it. The concept is sound in principle, but too much risk for my liking.
Over the past year I've gone up against these plans twice, didn't sell either one! THEY ARE BRAINWASHED!! It's hard to downplay a plan tied into their religion or church group, touchy subject with people who have it.

Just my experience!
If people were not gullible you would not have . . .

Discount health cards posing as health insurance

Indemnity plans posing as major medical

Hospital only coverage

Major medical plans with artificial caps on Rx, outpatient and annual maximums

These plans work for some people, just like an indemnity plan or major med with artificial caps . . . to a point. The problem is they fall apart just when you need them most.

And there is corruption, as in the case of the Christian Brotherhood & Bruce Hawthorn or the New Era fund.
You should mention a program called Missio Benefits to them ( My dad is a pastor and his church just joined and its working very well for them. Missio Benefits is offered in all 50 states but is only available to Christian employers. Like healthcare sharing it is based on biblical values and leverages the unity of the church but unlike sharing programs Missio Benefits is an actual group healthcare program administered on a global/domestic basis through Cigna... as such it doesn't have any of the contractual pitfalls that are associated with sharing programs (pre-existing condition limitations, annual maximums, lifetime maximums, morality clauses, etc.). Hope this helps!