Client ESL, rec'd statement of retirement account, news to them, how to contact


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The notice came from Social Security. Due to regulations, anyone who files with Social Security and has some form of pension or shareholder/annuity account gets notified of the name of the company they worked for and the amount.
In my client's case it's about $6300.00. Not a fortune but if it's theirs, they should collect it.
They don't recall anything about this, and made no effort over the years to provide ongoing address info that would have resulted in mail about the contact info to collect on retirement.
If they mail a copy of the SS notice to the address, is that going to get a response?
Trying to find a phone number is a puzzle palace, and these days I am told that trying to reach benefits departments is a cluster, due to all working from home, etc.
Send the company an email as a first contact and ask for the name and number of the person to speak with. Send the email "read receipt" and give them a deadline to respond, te call the person identified and leave them a message because no one answers a phone these days
Hmm, the situation is very confusing. I would recommend that you try to write an email and ask for the name and phone number of the person you need to contact. But I can say that this is not a 100% option. You can also contact a special home care agency, like senior caregiver in palm beach. There, you may be given the contact of a person who can help you with a certain package of documents. It seems to me that this is the best option. But in any case, I wish you good luck!
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