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Today was day 3 of my John inspired telemarketing campaign. I have had fair success.. I was wondering if there are particular business types you all are having more success with than others??
Tried that - to get industry specific. Doesn't work - people are people. Right now I have the owner of a learning center, attorney, auto repair shop and printing business I'm working with.

Here's the math for me - if I farm out telemarketing I close 1 out of 15. If I do it myself it's 1 out of 8. I can generate 2 solid leads per hour so 4 hours of marketing is 1 deal a day. I you cannot generate 2 good leads per hour you're either not dialing enough numbers (I dial 50+) or you're simply not connecting with people. I have passion for what I do and deeply enjoy helping people with health insurance issues. The few people I talk to a day who are distraught make it more then worth hearing "I'm fine - thanks."

However, my average AV is $4,100 since the average age of business owners is around 45 and most are families. Personally, I'm at 25% and most of my business goes to GR and Assurant with a fraction going to Aetna.

So a deal a day is $1,000 a day or $5,000 a week or $250,000 a year. Then question becomes - will I make 4 hours a day of calls for $250,000? In the past I absolutely have not. That is changing.

I started this thread already, but I can recap - would you take a salaried position if the base pay was $100,000 a year guaranteed and you were required to cold-call for 4 hours a day?
Nice numbers HealthAgent for closing deals over the phone. On your call 2, do you send brochures or email brochures to all your customers or some prefer the webinars when you show details of the policy or different plans?
No, on call 2 I take them to my website and show them the quotes depending on which company I'm recommending. So if it's gonna be a GR deal I just tell 'em to click the logo and I simply go over their options. I'm an "either or" closer:

*Are you looking for a plan with a copay? (client says yes and I go over Copay Select)

*Ok, click the deductible button and let's look at $1,500 and $2,500. Which one makes more sense to you?

When they pick then I'm an assumptive closer:

"Ok, so you're going with the Copay Select with the $1,500 deductible. Since you're healthy the good news is it'll be issued quickly, probably in a few days and then you'll get your policy and insurance cards. I already have your full name, I just need your home address...."(start doing the app)

There are a lot of agents who shoot themselves in the foot at this step. Do no "ask" them anything: "So...would you like to do the application?" Remember, the answer to every sales question is no. Let them put you off...and ask surprised:

Me: "Ok...I need your address and..."

Client: "Oh, wait...I'd really like to look this over for a few days"

Me: "Oh, really? I'm sorry, I naturally assumed you'd want to get this in place as soon as possible. Is there a concern of yours I didn't address?"

Bottom line is, if you come off as "weak" when it's time to close your are sending a subliminal message to them that they SHOULD think about this?

Now this is not "one shot one kill." At this point they've had DAYS to look over this information! I never go for same-day closes.

There is one time I simply ask an open-ended question and it's my way of qualifying people. At the end of the 1st call I ask for a time to call back so I can go over their options. I do not recommend any day or time:

"Just give me a day and time to call you back so I can go over some of your options?" The answer tells me everything. When they want me to call back tomorrow of the next day that's high interest. When they say "Wow...I'm busy all next week so how about a week from Friday?" That's junk.
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