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Does anyone know of any low income health plans in Colorado? I have a client who's sister just lost her medicaid eligibility and has very little income until her SSDI hearing is done.

I pretty much only write in Va so I don't have a clue about CO's plans.
CHPplus - which is for pregnant women and children. The state program is expensive and for people who have been declined for individual health, but they may be able to send her in the right direction.

There is a program called CIP - Colorado Indigent Program =
Colorado HCPF - CICP Index

This looks like it is for people who have been declined for medicaid - I do not know much about it but the website should answer a lot of her questions. There is probably a contact number in there for her to use as well.

The website is confusing (probably exactly as they planned) - It seems to be set up more for providers than clients but I think this number can get her started. If nothing else, they can direct her to the correct contact.

(303) 866-5177
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Hope this helps.

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If she is going through SSDI then as you know qualifying for anything individually is going to be next to impossible.

If she lost her Medicaid eligibility the income must be too high? CICP is scaled based on income and is dirt cheap in my opinion, unless I read it wrong.

Check it out as referenced in above post.