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How much is everybody getting paid, when another company sets your appointment for you :?:

How much do you think you should get paid, when another company sets up qualified appointments for you :?:

Just currious.
Also does anybody have a direct line to Parker & Associates

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1-800-755-1365 Parker

But why would want to work for them...these appointments are not hard and I guarantee you will lose a lot of commish
be very wary of parker and know WHAT YOU'RE SIGNING. they are notorious for greed, churning leads, double dipping on appointments and cost of leads, reduced commissions, and NO RELEASES... EVER!!! they're worse than a wire house with a no brand name.
I am with Senior Healthcare Consultants -- because we will be moving to Ohio in the summer -- i was looking into a company that would pay weekly -- so of course i looked on hotjobs ---- they do set up appointments for you -- the workweek is tue thru friday and normally 5 to 6 appointments a day -- you sell their product -- meaning the companies they are contracted with -- yes it is captive -- but for someone that is new in the business it would be good for them for training. -- they have training every other day -- they do mostly senior market stuff
medadvantage and medsups --- they have a prescription plan that is based out of canada that they call the shp program and they do final expense with the sale...
what i did is incorporate their goals and sales and put them with mine and came up with a winner
every appointment gets a medadvantage plan at zero cost, a 5000 final expense plan at or near 25 a month and a continental care plan at around 25 a month and their medicare part d -- price depending on what meds they are on --- so its a good deal for the customer and a good deal for the agent
the way SHC pays is weekly --- they use pyramid for the medadvantage and pay 150 for each signup -- problem with that is -- you can go direct at get 330 --- you also get half with the final expense... and no residual income either... so basically its a choice you have to make

like i said in other posts --- if you go with a conpany that can get you free leads --- make the appointments yourself -- you still get a good payday and residual income

Medicare Supplement Insurance Services Inc -- thats the company to go with --- free leads -- they are sent out daily and are freshly called the night before -- if you go on appointments that are more than 150 miles away from home they will pay for the hotel -- and they advance 12 months at policy issue -- there are more perks -- but those are the best

ok im done.. i just like the company -- as if you couldnt tell :)
You know i just read my above post and it didnt make sense.. i apologize

because i am in Wyoming i cannot run appointments for Senior Healthcare
Consultants -- reason why -- Pyramid is not offered in Wyoming -- and I am not getting out of Coventry -- its a better plan anyway.. I was considering this because of the move to Ohio -- i can walk right in to appointments that are already set up, and not have to worry about anything.

so again if you are new person to insurance -- this is something for you -- its not like Naa where everyone forgets about you -- they truly take care of you --

but if you are more experienced i would advise the last part of my above post.. go with Medicare Supplement Insurance Services -- get the free leads and call and schedule your own appointments and get the higher commissions and of course your residuals !!