Company info



Hey everyone,
Anybody out there hear of a company named "Combined"
Like always, any info good or bad is greatly appreciated.
I've checked out their website, but of course they make it seem like
they're the best out there to work for.
I was hoping someone had some real time info to share.
Combined Insurance is currently part of AON, However, AON is spinning off combined (so it's up for sale). A lot of hype with little substance for me. I use to work for them, never again...
Thanks guys for the advice. I think I'll stay away.
Too many con's, not enough pro's for me.
Best wishes to you all.
They target rural areas drive around and do quick presentations and try to get checks from people for over priced products they really do not need.

Cold selling as cold selling gets, driving around to meet with farmer joe in his overalls trying to sell him a whole / term life combo. Commissions are horrible also.
hi all, this is the first time i came to know about the combine insurance. can any one explain me in detail what is that insurance is supposed to be taken for. how worthfull taking that insurance. where is it available and what are all the formalities needed for it. all those informations are just to get knowledge if anybody knows please do reply. Thanks.
There insurance is available almost everywhere. Just go on line to their website and put in your information. Someone will be calling you and can answer all your questions. They posts here were from previous experience with the company.