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Dear Ohio Department of Insurance, #statefarminsurance


I am writing to file a formal complaint against State Farm Insurance regarding their unfair and discriminatory practices, as well as their false allegations and mistreatment towards me as a former policyholder. As a public official notary and registered minister with 100% satisfactory records on file with the state of Ohio, I believe in upholding the principles of justice and fairness, and I am deeply concerned about the egregious actions of State Farm.

Firstly, I have been subjected to false accusations of criminal activity and have been unjustly implicated in a hate crime against my own business. Despite having a completely clean criminal background and holding positions of public trust, State Farm has labeled me as a criminal without any evidence to support their claims. This has not only damaged my personal reputation but has also caused significant harm to my professional career and livelihood.

Moreover, State Farm has engaged in discriminatory practices by treating me, an African American entrepreneur, unfairly and disproportionately targeting me based on my race. This not only goes against the principles of equal treatment and non-discrimination but also violates state and federal laws concerning racial discrimination.

In addition to these issues, I was denied business insurance coverage despite meeting all the necessary requirements and providing the requested documentation. This denial has had severe financial implications for my business and has caused significant disruption to my operations.

Furthermore, during court proceedings related to this matter, State Farm's legal representatives made derogatory remarks about my appearance, demeanor, and attire. Publishing these remarks (see attached) were irrelevant to the case and were clearly intended to discredit me unjustly. The publishing of these defamatory comments by State Farm has further exacerbated the damage caused to my professional reputation and identity.

I have taken the appropriate steps to address these concerns by terminating my legal representation and pursuing legal action against State Farm. I have also filed complaints with the Attorney General's office and have shared my experience on various social media platforms and with relevant community organizations. However, given the gravity of the situation and the impact it has had on my life and livelihood, I believe it is necessary to bring this matter to your attention and request your intervention. I have a point of contact at CNN news currently awaiting an interview to share this entire experience on a national stage. I regret to inform you that, to my disappointment, my case was unexpectedly voluntarily dismissed without my prior knowledge after more than a year of patiently awaiting my day in court. It was an agreement reached among my legal counsel, State Farm, and the presiding judge to voluntarily dismiss the case merely one day prior to my scheduled court appearance. The purpose behind this decision according to Mr. DeSilvis was to allow me the opportunity to refile the case, this time incorporating the racially motivated incidents that took place as well as each claim that was outlined in the first complaint. This time including all of the events from the moment that I was investigated prematurely 7 days after the hate crime took place. From the very moment that I filed this legitimate claim with State Farm, I was treated as someone who committed a crime, rather than a professional business owner who is a victim of a racially motivated hate crime, who in return lost his entire business behind these events.

I kindly ask the Ohio Department of Insurance to thoroughly investigate my complaint against State Farm Insurance and take appropriate action to hold them accountable for their unfair practices, breach of contract, racial discrimination, and the defamation of my positive professional character. I trust that your office will conduct a comprehensive investigation into these allegations and ensure that justice is served.

I appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to a timely resolution. Should you require any further documentation or information, please do not hesitate to contact me at the provided contact details. As a dedicated sworn official officer represents the esteemed Buckeye State of Ohio, I firmly believe in the protection of constitutional rights. I sincerely hope that I will be allowed the same rights and privileges as any other citizen, in order to have my case presented before a jury. Throughout this ordeal, numerous rights of mine have been compromised, and it is disheartening to witness the utter neglect and mistreatment I have endured at the hands of State Farm. As I persistently seek resolution and accountability from State Farm, it becomes increasingly evident that my concerns are being disregarded. Despite my repeated requests for appropriate action to be taken, it seems that my voice is being consistently ignored. I want to make it clear that throughout these entire two years, I was repeatedly told by my former attorney Zach DeSilvis to refrain from discussing the racial discrimination that took place by State Farm in order to avoid compromising the original "bad faith claim". However, I am now in the process of initiating legal proceedings against State Farm. These actions include allegations of racial discrimination, defamation of my professional reputation and character, dissemination of false statements linking myself or my associates to the crime targeted at my business, as well as the dissemination of untrue information about my professional standing and identity to the public.

I am resolute in my determination to seek resolution for this matter in a court of law. My goal is not only to establish my innocence but also to safeguard my professional reputation, which has been unjustly tarnished by the actions of State Farm. Thank you for your assistance in addressing this issue.


Mr.(Minister) Marquis L. Kimble SR.
Proudly Sworn-in Official of the State of Ohio
Commissioned until 01/28/2029


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