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I am a new agent about to start working with a Insurance Company Monday. I pray and hope that I am choosing the right career to be going in because my family and I are struggling with bills now and the company I am with is based on commissions but they to provide leads for their agents. When a company provides the leads is there usually a good outcome or should I get back out there and start looking for a salary job.
Might as well tell us what company and more information on job.

Only way your going to get solid advice.

Will say unless these are SOLID leads and your manager is going to help close sales while you ramp up you may have a tuff go on straight commish.
The company is Liberty National in Griffin Ga. I know people have been put LNL down badly, but I think with different states things could be better. But I would be making phone calls along with my manager set appointments going out into the field seeing the clients along with his help.
Just my opinion...but "struggling with bills" and "based on commissions" can be a lethal combination. Try your hardest and keep the classifieds close by.

I agree with the above, but if there's a will, there's a way. Maybe it's a part time job on the evening or weekends? Either way, bust ass from 8 to 4 everyday and your bill problems will likely be solved in a few months. Don't depend on the company for leads, make your own breaks. My piece of advice is that cold calling for health insurance works. Either make calls or see people during the 8-4 period, study and do case prep before or after that. Good luck!
If you are struggling with bills - you need a real job, at least temporarily unless you feel like delivering pizzas at night.

Dreaming of paying your bills on a new commission based position is not realistic. Take care of your situation first - either do the insurance thing p/t or after you are caught up if not you are setting yourself up for failure.

Ask me how I know this?

Good luck regardless.
Well, Physicians Mutual is pretty good, Mutual of Omaha {agency system}, New York Life, AGLA, just around here in my area, just to name a few. Each state is different, though.

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