Connecticut Life, Accident, and Health exam a few days away...


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New to the forum on here which I think is an awesome tool...wish I found it earlier. I will be taking my CT Life, Accident, and Health exam in a few days and was wondering if anyone had some advice for the exam. All I have is the book to study from so I have been reading through it and doing the practice questions...will this be enough? Any tips or sites that have practice exams on it would be great. I will take any help or advice I can get.

I am Life and Health licensed, and recently passed my P & C. The practice exam questions that come on the disc with most of the books, are the exact same questions that are on the state exam. I crammed for my
P & C the day before the exam from 3pm to 6am the next morning. I passed the exams in 30 minutes. I credit this to the last 2 hours of drilling with the practice questions. Good Luck on your exam.(you wont need it, just drill with the practice questions and you will be fine)
Did you pass?

Im thinking about taking A.D Banker or Kaplan Financial for pre-licensing. Did you take one of those or someone else?

Im not sure what to study to prepare for the licensing test for life/accident/and health exam?
Did he pass? Well...That post was from 2008 and yes, he passed. He was so young. He had a bright future in front of him. And then...Groats Disease took away his desire to live.

But thanks for asking. I miss him along with all of his funny Elvis imitations. His mother was a hamster and his father smelled of elderberries. So sad.
Try who is part of WebCE. I use them for continuing ed & find them very professional & user friendly. I know the guy who developed the prelicense side, and would have no problem recommending anything he's involved in based on what I know of him personally.
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