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Considering a new career in insurance



Hi I'm AJ,
I am in Ky.still trying to get the info I need to take the exam for L&H.
I am looking for advise,suggestions etc.My plan is to keep working my job until I can start earning enough in insurance to quit. Is this a worthwhile plan?I never liked working for "the man" and want to be self employed.
Anyone know much about BCBS in Ky?My older brother in N.C. is an independent agent who sells exclusively for BCBS in N.C. and makes a great living,he says the commissions in Ky. are a lot less.Any input is welcome ,thanks AJ
Each state is different. A few years ago almost every health carrier withdrew from KY due to legislative changes. It would seem that the market has stabilized somewhat in the interim. You might want to talk to local agents before getting too involved.