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Continental Care is not only for seniors


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Hey just wanted to make sure all you guys know that this product Continental Care is not only for seniors -- its an indemnity product for people over 30 yrs old..

Everyone should be selling this with health ---- it pays a thousand dollars for a 24 hour stay at the hospital -- 60 a day for an rn nurse -- 25 a day for a private room ( not much but better than nothing ) and 120 a day for skilled nursing - after a 20 day elimination period..

for the younger crowd this is a no brainer to add on -- everyone now a days has a minimum 500 to 1000 deductible on their health insurance.
for a 30 year old its less than 20 a month...

Hey Scott

I don't know anything about Aflac except the commercials on tv with the quack quack

how do they compare? I thought with Aflac you have to sign up thru work?