"Converting" from MA to Med Supps


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I've kind of fallen into this whole thing and I 99% sure that I have all my ducks in a row, but thought I'd run it by you guys. Here's a quick background.

I'm working with a home health care company that is finding that more and more of their clients have been switched to MAs, most of the time they have no idea this has happened and only find out when they go to their doctor only to find that they cannot get the care covered since they no longer have the coverage they thought they had. Anyone who deals with the senior market knows the issues I'm talking about here, so I won't belabor those points...that's just how I've identified the problem.

This company is sending out a notice along with an 'ad' (of sorts), all in all, two pages of information explaining what their options are...to keep the MA or get back to traditional Medicare and go with a supp that I would be offering them...this includes Part D, as well.

So, they are sending out this information to about 7,000 of their clients. I've been all up and down Medicare making sure that I have everything all lined up.

Getting out of these MAs is very straightforward and easy. There is no restriction on moving them to a med supp once that happens, since it will be through a special election.

Is there anything I am missing here? Any tips or advice...?

Seems like this could be a rather huge thing for me and I'm excited in a lot of ways about it. I just don't want to get deep into it and find out there is something that I missed.

BTW, I'm a newly independent agent and am working with MofO, UniCare and a couple of others for Med Supps...I'm getting appointed by all of the majors, but if anyone has advice on which companies to work with on this, I'd appreciate it. Believe it or not, even though these letters haven't yet gone out (they will this coming week), their clients are ALREADY CALLING ME! Crazy...!
What state are u in? In LA you can go to the Dept of Insurance website and download a book with all the med supp companies and their rates. One of the brokers I deal with can tell me which companies are cheaper. Some people like UTA, UCT, United World, or BCBS.
UTA-United Teachers UCT-United Commercial Travelers
Yes, I should have mentioned that I reside in Texas, but part of this company's clientbase is in Louisiana. I've got my 'letter of certification' to get licensed in LA, so that's in process. Just have to file that with them and should be good to go there. But I do live in Texas...

Those are the some of the same companies I've seen that I should deal with...thanks for the input!
Texas Community Care, that isn't one with which I have any experience. I'll have to check them out. I'm trying to use companies that have a long and solid history in working with Medicare...seniors like names they know and trust, which is one reason why I like MofO for this.

And yea, senior, it's been pretty cool to walk right into this thing. I had a bit of a sales task to get buy-in from the corp. management folks, but they have problems too...like not getting paid since they are not part of the whatever network these MA plans tap into. So perhaps a good marketing idea for other agents would be to work with home health companies in the same capacity that I am. I've never been a fan of a onesy-twosy kind of thing...it's always better to do thing en masse....then pick up the pieces as it all works out.
MOO has a mailbox stuffer, product number ME4075, that is a fold out, detailing all the shortcomings of Medicare Advantage Plans. It's a Producers' Pocket Guide, and is entitled "Medicare DisAdvantage Plans"