Coventry Update on Duals and Commissions


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Hello everybody,

I thought I would pass this info. along which was passed to me by 2 different agents with 2 different uplines.

1. For Coventry, Commissions will not longer be advanced for dual eligibles, PFFS.

2. The other agent's email said: Commissions on duals will not be advanced until 2/2008.

3. If you submit an application, it must be accompanied by a "Medicare Enrollment Checklist" that we should acquire from our managers? (Now, I am not sure if this is just for Coventry, or a uniform sheet from all carriers? I know Pyramid has a checklist and Pacificare has a disclaimer form, but I'm not sure what Coventry has?)

4. If you do not provide this checklist, than applications will be denied, which means = no coverage = no money!

Have any of you written Coventry PFFS during the OEP?

If so, how's it going? Are they issuing in a timely response? Are members receiving their cards in a timely manner and our doctors awareness or non awareness presenting paramount issues for you and your clients? Are you submitting this checklist enrollment form to get paid efficiently? If you're not submitting this form, are you still gettinig paid efficiently?

From where can we obtain this form if our managers do not have this yet?

Thanks in advance.
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