Coventy contracts

I am working in NC and looking for a contract with Wellpath/Coventry. Would love to talk to someone who is a broker, or who can offer contracts through Wellpath.

Looking for at least a 20% commission, with or without production requirements.

Can't say about NC, but in GA Coventry contracts brokers direct. Street commission is 15%, no annualization.

FWIW, they are a pain to deal with. Underwriting is about as screwy as I have ever seen. They approve a client with cancer (two different kinds) and deny one who broke their foot in an accident two years earlier.

Taking meds for GERD? 50% rate up.

On anti-depressants and cholesterol med? Standard.

They quote teaser rates then it goes to underwriting and there is no way to predict what the final offer will be.
Coventry commission structure is different in every states. It should be close to the BC/BS commission in your state. We've started the process of working with them, but we aren't ready to contract agents yet.