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If any one is interested in a live demo of COW, "Circle of Wealth" please let me know, via a PM. Be in a Webinar form, I assure you I make nothing from it, I'm in no way associated with this group. Yet I would myself like to see the demostration and I'm thinking a few here might like to view it also. We do need at least 5 participants before they (COW) will set up a webinar.
Simply go to:
MoneyTrax Circle of Wealth Overview Webinar
and sign up for one that suits you. Unless that is what you did, and then they pushed back.

I've never really looked into this, wouldn't mind sitting through the webinar and getting some info.


Well, the person offering this is a poster of several forums, I'm not sure if he ever posted here, I'll ask him. If not, I'll ask him to come over and do a little dialogue if Sam doesn't mind. Maybe he can offer a Forum Special of some kind, not sure what latitude COW gives but at the prices you think they can throw in some free training! Never hurts to ask, does it?