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I am a Small Business Consultant.

I am an insurance agent in GA for The MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company. We specialize in assisting the self-employed, as well as those responsible for paying for their own insurance. We offer plans that allow you to customize your insurance to meet your individual budget and needs, making it affordable for anyone, while assuring you have quality coverage.

Our plans are quite different than traditional HMO’s. Our policies are customizable, so you create a plan that works for your particular situation. You pay only for the benefit options you need or want, and not for those that would not be of value to you.


Other features of our Care One Policies:

- MEGA has contracted with one of the largest provider networks in the area
- A choice of deductible options
- Prescription Drug Rider*
- Dental insurance that allows you to keep your current providers.*
- Vision insurance with coverage for yearly exams, lenses and frames.*
- With the purchase of the outpatient accident expense rider, you can experience benefits without meeting the base deductible.*
- We pay claims based on "usual and customary" charges.**
- We cover you 24 hours a day, on and off the job***
- No referrals or pre-authorizations required

My clients enjoy personalized service for questions and concerns. As well, I will visit with you at your convenient to review your insurance options in detail to ensure you are making the correct choice for your health care coverage. Purchasing a policy off the internet could result in an uninformed choice and less than expected coverage. Please contact me at your convenience to discuss a time we can meet and build a policy that meets your needs. I look forward to assisting you.

Don't you know UGA is a Salesperson"s Dream?

Poor guy probably fell for this CareerBuilder ad:

"Job Description

A Salesperson''s Dream
Take charge of your sales and marketing career. We seek hard-working individuals with a desire for true opportunity.

UGA redefines the standard for success as we serve America''s small business owners and self-employed individuals. We believe the achievements of our company inherently depend on the accomplishments of our representatives across the country, so we developed a company culture that places the achievement of our representatives above all else. (Above ALL else is right...) This uncommon approach has attracted people from all walks of life, helping them achieve their dreams.
If you have experience in customer service, sales, marketing, public relations or management, you may have what it takes to be part of the UGA team. You will call only on business owners and others who have requested to see you. (What a LOAD!)
Earning potential:

Up to $150,000 or more on commission as a rep
Up to $400,000 or more on commission as a leader
Even more benefits:

Immediate cash weekly
International vacations
Up to 12 bonus opportunities per year
Stock ownership
Lifetime vesting
Retire comfortably in 10 years (Hahahahaha!!!)
UGA offers a lifetime of personal rewards. It''s not just a dream - it''s your new career.
Click Apply to begin a fulfilling and rewarding career."
Which one is scarier?

#1. Agent knows plan is inferior and continues to sell it.

#2. Agent does not know or understand plan and continues to sell it.

#3. Agent truly believes plan is great and continues to sell it.

It's disgusting and a poor reflection of our industry - although entertaining at times to the trained eye.
if he did not put a file number on the plan he was talking about on Craigslist he is in violation of insurance advertising codes......
He also doesn't identify himself as an insurance agent - but a "small business consultant." That's a DOI violation. You cannot solicit the sale or or advertise insurance products without stating you're an agent or trying to mislead people by having them think you're not an agent. Mega got nailed by MD on their last market conduct regarding this issue.
From the MD market conduct:

The examiners direct the Company to appoint or terminate the agents.
Business Cards
The examiners were provided a sample of 3 business cards used by the area leader
(District Manager) and field representative. The cards were as follows:
1. NASE / Enroller for the National Association for the Self Employed
Listed as representative. No reference to insurance.
2. United Group Association [UGA]
Area Leader. No reference to insurance
3. UGA – Association Field Services
Representative. A Division of the MEGA Life and Health Company
COMAR states an agent shall inform the prospective purchaser, before
commencing a sales presentation that the agent is acting as a life insurance agent and
shall inform the prospective purchaser of the full name of the insurance company which
the agent is representing to the buyer. These business cards present primarily to the
proposed insured that the solicitor is a NASE Representative, thus violating the intent of
the code.
COMAR states any sales presentation soliciting insurance to mislead
or in any way that implies that the agent’s compensation is unrelated to insurance sales,
unless this is actually the case. The business cards intentionally present the agent as a
[FONT=arial,sans-serif]Page 65[/FONT]
AUGUST 12, 2004
NASE representative, disarming the proposed insured to believe something other than
insurance is to be sold which is a violation. The Company recently revised the producer
business cards to identify Mega Life and Health Insurance Company and identify the
producer as an “insurance agent”.