Critical Illness

do u mean like heart attack strokes cancer type policies if so gtlic has one but i have never sold one i have spoken to other agents who have(so they say) been pretty successful with them especially with the lower income people who can't afford a lot
GTL - Guarantee Trust Life Ins. Co., has a product that serves a duel purpose of CI combined with a 10 yr. term life. K-Dub has had success with this product as an add on to individual health policies. Reasonable cost for the right age bands.

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MoO has (had?) an outstanding product. Only one I have seen that is a true health product.

Most of the rest are built on a life product (GTL, Colorado Bankers, etc.)

Loyal American has one that is a rider to an Accident plan.

Assurity has one that seems to be decent. Not approved in GA so I haven't studied it that closely. Their plan might be a health product.

Frankly, if you look at the way the products are worded, chances of anyone collecting is slim. I think most of the CI products are more sizzle than steak.

I've sold CI policies stand alone with United American and now with Mutual of Omaha. I like MofO's muchhhh better though. Let me know if you want more info.