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D24 Concept

I haven't heard of D24 but I do know about D12. I like marshall mathers way more than D12.

Care to share? Its an illustrative way to tell the client of the long term "need" of insurance... :)

Btw, where is the best website for me to learn from the pros on introducing insurance or investment to client?

I am new. :(
Your reading it !!!!

ghee..thanks..I feel welcome and comforted to be with this community...

Like minded people at work... :)

I really feel good...

Bros out there...care to share some techniques or strategies on how you can illustrate the need for insurance, investments or savings?

For those who are experienced there...Really hope you can share...

Whats your daily routine like?

Your reading materials?

What you will do differently today, if you had just joined the insurance industry?

Your favourite strategies....

Thanks bro :)
Superman is alive and well.................AGAIN, I see.

I thought he was Vanilla Ice...Man I get those white rappers confused:arghh: