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I've been writing insurance for awhile now but I have had my first decline and I have no idea why. The application is with Assurant. I'm usually really good at knowing thier underwriting guidelines. But I took an app on a lady with High Blood Pressure and 1 medication. Rated up for the condition and med but she was declined. Does anyone know who you can call to find out why? They probably won't tell me, but will they tell her? Any advice would be great. I'm not even sure what to tell her.
Possibilities to explore:

1) Diagnosed with HBP within the last 6 months
2) MIB hit for another condition
3) Uncontrolled readings
4) Recent increased change in dosage
5) Blew the call out a** if Assurant - maybe disclosed that she has a pending visit.
John was right. When I spoke with her she said that the doctor had increased her medication at the last visit. I didn't even think to ask that. I guess I have alot to learn.
Yes, I too learned the hard way. Now when anyone is on a med:

*How long have you been on the medication?
*What's the dosage?
*Has the dosage been changed recently?
*Do you have a pending visit with your doctor?
*For HBP add "What have your last readings been?"