Deferred comp?

David C

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Do any of you know of a life company that allows you to defer all or a part of your renewals towards a deferred comp plan?

I'm familiar with Ohio National's Profit Partnership Plan so don't tell me about that one.
Really, although these are all interesting programs, #1, they have to be "at risk" in order to be truly tax deferred, and #2, why would you risk paying higher taxes down the road?
Seems like some of the career life shops offer this. NYL comes to mind.

Given all the crap that has gone on in the industry the last few years (think Conseco) my question is why would you want to defer compensation?

A few yrs ago Conseco gave agents the option of converting some of their comp into stock. At the time their stock was a high flyer and quite a few agents bit into the pitch. (Salesmen are so gullible). I know agents who lost a lot of money in that shell game.

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