Dental coverage


What are some good companies for individual dental coverage? My personal opinion is that it generally doesn't make sense on an individual basis, but if someone wants to buy what companies are people using? I would be interested to hear others opinions on ind. dental...
In Utah I use Dental Select. There isn't very much money in this but it's a good add on if people want it. Generally speaking, dental coverage isn't very necessary unless people need to get work done.
Through the organization that I have most of my appointments they have a very good dental plan that is nationwide, any dentist. It's administered through CBSA. Rates for a single are $34/mo and it pays 100% on preventive, 80% on fillings, and 50% on major. Contact me anytime. You should be able to offer without joining the organization.
Also, I would like to mention that selling dental insurane is wonderful. Peopel who take care of their teeth tend to keep the insurance forever and the residual income is better than health. I get a monthly commission check that grows and grows and grows as new clients are added.
I like to offer discount dental plans.

I know...I know...that is not insurance...

I used to have one prior to getting a benefits package.

The main advantage is that there is no waiting period, and some will discount dentures. That is important to the senior market. $100 for 15 months, they save $200 of dentures, they are $100 ahead, and still get discounts.
The CBSA plan is decent if you want an insured dental plan and don't mind waiting for major work. There are more reasonable plans available if you want an insured plan. Network plans are fine for most folks that feel they absolutely MUST have dental coverage. Otherwise, it is a waste of money.
Here is a question for Jen. Tell me how much the CBSA plan pays for a crown, assuming no other claims were made that year and the plan had been in effect for 18 months. Assume the dentist bills $1200 for the crown. How much will they pay?