Disability Brokerage Firms

Depends upon where you are located. If you write professional and white collar clients, a guy named Steve Crawford runs a Guardian agency in Rockville, MD. I'm not sure if he is has regional coverage or nationwide coverage. Assurity is represented through many brokerages----you may want to check locally. Also, you could pose this question on disabilityinsuranceforums.com which is an excellent forum for those who concentrate on DI. BTW, foe blue collar, Illinois Mutual is an excellent company. urlfinancial.com is the website for a brokerage located in Harrisburg, PA. They do service nationwide and represent both Illinois mutual and Assurity.
DIBroker.com is indeed an excellent choice. They represent most of the major DI carriers; however, they do not handle Guardian. You can check which Guardian brokerages covers your state by logging on to DisabilityQuotes.com. Click on the page for Agentss & Brokers and then click on "Take a Guided Tour." It lists all the Guardian brokerages by state. Steve Crawford covers only MD, VA, DE, the Central & Eastern portions of PA to the BOMK.