Does anyone know the approximate current loan rate for Guardian WL?

Could be 8% older policies.
Could be 6 % newer policies
Could be 4% depending on the duration of the policy and age of the insured.
Also the spreads change based on the age of the policy.
A policy with a loan may be paying a bigger dividend than a policy without a you do not make money by loaning.
The should annouce the 2024 dividend around Thanksgiving along with any spread adjustments.
And most WL carriers in general?

To answer "most WL carriers in general" is really hard.

IF we are talking the 4/5 major mutuals, then its around 5.5%-6%.

Guardian varies.
For newly issued policies, they have a fixed Loan rate of 5% (direct recognition).
Variable (non-direct) is available starting y10 and is the greater of 4% or the Moodys Bond Index Yield.
Penn Mutual was between 5.0% and 5.70% depending on the year the policy was purchased.

Penn Mutual.png

OneAmerica is 5.28%.

OneAmerica loan rates.png

MassMutual is 5.58% and scheduled to increase next month:

MassMutual loan rates.png