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I went to an annuity seminar today and they had this guy talking, Don Runge.

Anyone ever see him?

I liked his approach and ideas to working with leads. I bit the bullet and bought his CD training course called "The Approach." I have listened to sales CD's but most are about sales in general. I like the fact that he is about insurance sales. He only talked for an hour, but I got a few good ideas out of it. Some I already knew, but hearing the reminder to do them helps.

I have will let you know what I think of the CD's after I get them (Had to order them, should be getting them next week).
I was at a couple of meeting about a year ago where they were playing some of his CD's. I can't stand his voice, his jokes suck and he is boring. Listening to him makes my skin crawl. The only thing he really has to say is "a lead is just a name and number". He should be the national spokesman for all of the internet lead companies! Other than that, I suppose he is a great guy.

To each his own - some people think he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. He just doesn't do it for me.

Midwest, If you liked him in person then I am sure you will get your moneys worth from listening to his CD.
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I will say he talked a little fast and his jokes were so-so, but some of the ideas that he had, and some of the approaches he talked about I really liked. He only spoke for an hour and I was wanting to hear more.

He did get me motivated to sell some more, so I figure if I make one sale off of it, I make my money back and then some.
I love this guy! I saw him about 2yrs ago and still to this day listen to his CDs. Great to hear over and over.
I saw him earlier this year. I have to agree with BKrocko. He was interesting, I guess, but overall I found him to be kind of annoying and pretty much if you have common sense, you have all his 'techniques' down to a T. I couldn't imagine spending money to spend time with him or buying his CDs.

And aren't you glad I voiced my little opinion here?? ;)
That is the thing about most sales books. Most of your books say the same thing, but with different personal stories.

I think he is great at getting back to the basics. I was guilty of not doing birthday cards. So, after hearing some tatics about it, I staged all my August birthday cards and wrote a script to call them. I probably would not have done that if I had not seen him. I knew it was something I should be doing, but needed a kick in the pants to do so.

Like I said, I have spent more money on dumb things (that is for another thread), plus this is a tax deduction.
Well, I have been listening to his CD's for a bit now and here is what I have to say:

Good phone presentation
Good referral system
Some good general ideas in there

I don't like the format - it is a recording of a seminar - I would prefer a CD presentation
Talks too fast
I have his CD's on the approach. Some is valid today, while others may not be allowed (especially in the senior market), but a lead is never dead until they are....:biggrin::biggrin:
I love this guy and his approach! I've listen to and read many other book and cd's, but none of them have really done it for me.

I will admit I had my best week ever right after listening to his cd's, I had a 17 application week last summer, was it pure luck? NO!! You just have to have an open mind when listening and not think that you are god's gift when it comes to sales. We all have an ego and think we don't ever need help! BS!

Thanks for bringing up this thread though, it just reminded me to go listen to his CD's again!!

This board rocks!!